Friday, June 3, 2011

Submissions Are Now Closed

As of June 1st, submissions have closed for this anthology.  I will be reading through the remainder of the submissions folder and hope to have final decisions and a TOC by the end of June, if not sometime in July.

Thank you to all who submitted.

Monday, March 28, 2011


May 31st will be the last day I accept stories for consideration for Through the Eyes of the Undead 2.  After that I will wade through the short list and make final decisions on what zombie goodness will be in the book.  Good luck to all who submit.  Send me something different, compelling and bizarre that I cannot resist.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Library of the Living Dead Presents:
Through the Eyes of the Undead II

As with the first Through the Eyes of the Undead I am looking for stories through the zombie's perspective.  The protagonist, whether good, bad or ugly, must be a zombie.  If your protagonist isn't a reanimated corpse, the story will be rejected outright. 

I want a variety of tales, therefore I am open to zombie stories from all genres of speculative fiction--horror, bizarro, steampunk, sci-fi, fantasy, cross-genre, whatever!  Just so long as the story is well written and your protagonist is a zombie.  Break the rules for all I care, just be sure your protagonist was once alive and now reanimated.

I don't care what kind of zombie.  I'm open-minded.  Voodoo, Romeroesque, toxic, radioactive, fast, slow, whatever!  Just make it a damn good read. 

Word length: 3K-9K firm.  Please do not query about longer or shorter stories.  If you submit a longer or shorter story it will be rejected outright.

Payment: 1 cent per word and a contributors copy

How to submit:

.rtf attachment
Standard manuscript format (double spaced, courier font, 1 inch margins, etc.)
In the subject line write: Submission / (story title)
Send submissions to


I will attempt to respond within 2 months (likely sooner).  You will either get a rejection, a re-write request (very uncommon), or be placed on the short list.  Please do not query about your submission until two months have passed.

Submissions will close around April/May 2011.  I will post a date for the close of submissions at least two months in advance. 

The best thing you can do is buy the first Through the Eyes of the Undead to get a good idea of what I like and what has already been done.  I will be looking for the stories that didn't get into the first volume, the stories that hadn't been submitted yet, the stories that are different from what I chose to accept the first time.  This means I will be very selective in my choices and have to reject great work simply because the theme was too close to something in the first volume.  Do yourself a favor and buy the first Through the Eyes of the Undead, available HERE.  I know that this may sound like a scheme to sell books, and in some small way it is, but I have been rejected by a publisher ten times before finally buying their magazine and then submitted knowing what they like only to get them to finally accept my story.

Good luck!

Keep it undead.