Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Library of the Living Dead Presents:
Through the Eyes of the Undead II

As with the first Through the Eyes of the Undead I am looking for stories through the zombie's perspective.  The protagonist, whether good, bad or ugly, must be a zombie.  If your protagonist isn't a reanimated corpse, the story will be rejected outright. 

I want a variety of tales, therefore I am open to zombie stories from all genres of speculative fiction--horror, bizarro, steampunk, sci-fi, fantasy, cross-genre, whatever!  Just so long as the story is well written and your protagonist is a zombie.  Break the rules for all I care, just be sure your protagonist was once alive and now reanimated.

I don't care what kind of zombie.  I'm open-minded.  Voodoo, Romeroesque, toxic, radioactive, fast, slow, whatever!  Just make it a damn good read. 

Word length: 3K-9K firm.  Please do not query about longer or shorter stories.  If you submit a longer or shorter story it will be rejected outright.

Payment: 1 cent per word and a contributors copy

How to submit:

.rtf attachment
Standard manuscript format (double spaced, courier font, 1 inch margins, etc.)
In the subject line write: Submission / (story title)
Send submissions to throughundeadeyes@gmail.com


I will attempt to respond within 2 months (likely sooner).  You will either get a rejection, a re-write request (very uncommon), or be placed on the short list.  Please do not query about your submission until two months have passed.

Submissions will close around April/May 2011.  I will post a date for the close of submissions at least two months in advance. 

The best thing you can do is buy the first Through the Eyes of the Undead to get a good idea of what I like and what has already been done.  I will be looking for the stories that didn't get into the first volume, the stories that hadn't been submitted yet, the stories that are different from what I chose to accept the first time.  This means I will be very selective in my choices and have to reject great work simply because the theme was too close to something in the first volume.  Do yourself a favor and buy the first Through the Eyes of the Undead, available HERE.  I know that this may sound like a scheme to sell books, and in some small way it is, but I have been rejected by a publisher ten times before finally buying their magazine and then submitted knowing what they like only to get them to finally accept my story.

Good luck!

Keep it undead.